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If such notice is given, the experts shall be called by the court as witnesses to testify as to their findings and shall be subject to cross-examination by the parties. Any party may demand that other experts, qualified as genetic examiners, perform independent tests under order of the court, the results of which may be offered in evidence.

The number and qualification of the other experts shall be determined by the court. If no challenge is made, the genetic test results shall be admissible as evidence of paternity without the need for foundation testimony or other proof of authenticity or accuracy.

Kansas Legal DNA Paternity Testing Laws & Statutes:

Toggle navigation. According to the Laws of Kansas and paternity statute Genetic tests to determine paternity ; order of court; refusal to submit to tests; expert witnesses.

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DNA test kit is delivered overnight. Order Legal. Section Children of unknown parentage; report to state registrar.

Section Registration of deaths and stillbirths; official death records; use of verified forms; establishment and collection of fee; duties of coroners; filing of certificates. Section Delayed determination of cause of death. Section Form of certificates. Section Certificates as evidence; reproduction of records; certification.

Section Certified copies or abstracts. Section c Vital statistics integrated information system; revenue bonds authorized for prescribed activities by Kansas development finance authority. Section e Civil registration and health statistics fee fund; authorized uses of moneys credited to fund; predecessor fund abolished, moneys and liabilities transferred to new fund. Section Delayed birth certificates.

Section Same; procedure. Section Same; evidence. Section a Change of name; new certificate of birth issued, when. Section b Records of divorces and annulments.

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Section c Minor correction of records. Section d Disclosure of records; disclosure of child birth information; monthly reports of deceased residents to county election officers; section not applicable to certain records created prior to July 1, ; social security number, availability; fact of death information; use of information for maternal and child health surveillance and monitoring.

Section Adoption cases; birth certificate requirements; foreign country adoption reporting requirements. Section Institution inmates or patients; records and reports. Section a Authorization for cremation; penalty for violation.

Section Foreign permit for removal, burial, or other disposition of body. Section a Permit for transportation of dead body to location outside state.