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Arresting someone for offences relating to criminal trespass. Arresting someone for failure to comply with an interim possession order. Recapturing a person who has escaped from custody. Arresting a child or young person who has been remanded or committed to local authority accommodation. What about if I am already under arrest and detained at a police station?

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What about if the police do have a search warrant? If the police have a warrant, can the police search people too? What happens if the police raid a shared house? Are there any rules on when the police can raid a property?

What documents should the police show before entering a home they are raiding? Can you film the police during a raid? Are you obliged to answer questions in the course of a raid? When can the police seize property?

How to find out if you have a warrant

Police have wide powers to seize property if they have reasonable grounds for believing that: The items have been obtained illegally; or They are evidence in relation to an offence. Can the police seize money? What documents should the police show when leaving a home they have raided?

If the search was conducted under a warrant, the police must endorse it when the search is finished to show the following: Whether they found articles or persons set out in the warrant. Whether any other articles were seized. The names of the officers who executed it except where the investigations are linked to terrorism, when warrant numbers and duty stations should be shown. Whether a copy of the warrant, together with a Notice of Rights and Powers, was handed to the occupier or left at the premises.

Under what circumstances should a tenant or homeowner receive a receipt for items that are seized? What steps should you take if cash has been seized during a raid under the Proceeds of Crime Act? If your money has been taken as evidence under PACE then see above.

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What is the process for the return of other items seized during a raid? How do you challenge the police if they refuse to return items? Do you need a solicitor for this, do you need a civil or criminal solicitor and is it covered by legal aid? Whose responsibility is it to arrange and pay for repairs — for example for a damaged front door in the event of a forcible door breach?

PACE Codes of Practice, Code B, says: If premises have been entered by force, before leaving the officer in charge of the search must make sure they are secure by: Arranging for the occupier or their agent to be present Any other appropriate means In practice, this means the police are only likely to accept responsibility for temporarily securing your home if no one is present at the time of the raid. What happens if the police raid the wrong address?

Search Search for:. Only sergeants or above can apply for such search warrants.

Search warrants in Queensland

If granted, drug premises search warrants give NSW police the power to search anyone on the premises, not just those who are named in the search warrant. A magistrate will issue a search warrant after an application by a police officer. Before granting a search warrant, the magistrate must be satisfied that there are reasonable grounds that there is or will be within 72 hours:. Search warrants in Victoria are valid for seven days, unless otherwise allowed by the magistrate.

More about search warrants in Victoria can be read in our dedicated article, Search Warrants in Victoria. For search warrants other than those issued under the Misuse of Drugs Act , police are limited to conducting their searches between 6am and 9pm. The exception to this is if there is someone in danger or there is a real chance the effectiveness of the search will be jeopardised.

The Justice of the Peace must be satisfied from the information provided by the police on oath that there are reasonable grounds for suspecting there is, or will be evidence of a crime at the premises. Search warrants in Tasmania are valid for 28 days. If the search warrant is issued over the phone, it is only valid for 48 hours.

More information about search warrants in Tasmania can be found in our article, Search Warrants in Tasmania. General search warrants are issued by the Commissioner for Police and are valid for six months, unless a shorter period is specified. General search warrants are only issued if the police have reasonable cause to suspect goods have been stolen, a crime has or will be committed, a thing that may be used to commit a crime is at that premises, or to collect evidence of a crime. General search warrants give SA police the power to search vehicles, vessels, people and property.

More information about search warrants in SA can be found in our dedicated article, Search Warrants in South Australia. Police in the Northern Territory have a number of powers available to search people and property without a warrant. These include the following circumstances:. NT police also have the power to enter and search entertainment venues which include sporting venues, racecourses and showgrounds. Police have the powers to eject people they suspect are soliciting prostitution, are acting indecently or disorderly, or are reputed thieves.

Search warrants are issued after the Justice of the Peace is satisfied, upon receiving information verbally or by affidavit, that there are reasonable grounds to issue the warrant. Search warrants in the NT are valid for two weeks. The powers police have to seize property under search warrants in the NT are broader than those in other jurisdictions.

NT police can seize anything that is described in the warrant as well as anything they reasonably believe to be in connection with a crime. There is no requirement for NT police to provide a list of the property they have seized nor a copy of the warrant. In the previous situations, the officers have had some suspicion that a particular person or persons was involved in some illegal activity. Protection against searches without "individualized suspicion" is seen as being at the heart of the Fourth Amendment. The right of customs officials to examine persons and luggage entering the country for contraband is long-standing.

Courts have also upheld the "warrantless" searches of luggage for drugs by trained dogs at airports.

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Supreme Court expanded the range of "suspicionless searches" by approving the police use of "sobriety checkpoints. Rick Sitz , S. These checkpoints are roadblocks that the police can establish to halt traffic to discover if drivers are using alcohol or drugs. In such a stop, the police can legally search the area controlled by the driver. Many people object to suspicionless searches such as sobriety checkpoints and drug testing. They argue that few people are caught and that their Fourth Amendment rights are violated.

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Those in favor say tests and checkpoints deter people from abusing drugs and alcohol. What do you think? Should a search warrant be required to overhear an oral conver-sation? Is a conversation the same as an illegal drug, a gun, or a document? These three items can be seized physically. That is, they are tangible objects. A conversation is only made tangible by having it recorded.

What is Civil Forfeiture?

Look at the question another way. How would you feel if government officers, without your knowledge and without a search warrant, listened in on and recorded your private telephone conversation? Would this action be a physical intrusion into your home?