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First, the employer enters into a contract to engage a payment processor to facilitate the distribution of funds. Usually, the payment processor itself does not have a relationship with the card issuer, typically Visa or MasterCard, and therefore must engage a bank the issuing bank to issue the debit payroll cards. The processor will generally choose an issuing bank willing to accept the lowest fees for issuing the cards.

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Often these correspondent banks are located overseas in jurisdictions like Africa or South America. The aggregate account may be held in a correspondent account of the issuing bank in the US or in any other jurisdiction.

The issuing bank generally has free use of these funds until the card issuer reports a transaction resulting in the processor debiting the specific employee sub-account in the aggregate account. These sub-accounts may only exist on the computers of the processor. This raises the risk of what would happen if the issuing bank becomes insolvent, or is subject to political risks which are not uncommon in the locations where the issuing banks are often licensed.

In addition, depending on the location of the aggregate account established by the issuing bank, and how the sub-accounts for each employee are established, the funds in these account may not be insured, which can result in violations of federal law — see, e. If the issuing bank has established the aggregate account in a correspondent bank, the bank maintaining the aggregate account only owes duties to the customer — that is, to the issuing bank — not to the employer or its employees.

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If these risks are known to the employer, they can often be mitigated through specific agreements with the issuing bank and its correspondent, clarifying the fiduciary relationship of the issuing bank and its correspondent to the employees who are the real owners of the individual sub-accounts. In the latter case the employer would likely be required to pay the same wages twice. Employers could also find themselves the victim of cyber hacking. The use of skimming devices at ATMs can result in the same exposure.

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These risks can be mitigated or shifted from the employee and employer to the processor or issuing bank in the contracts negotiated by the employer if employers are aware of these threats. Commonly, however, processors seek to limit their liability to some multiple of the fees charged absent gross neglect, and these limitations, if reasonable, are enforceable in most states.

In the course of engaging a payment processor, the employer and processor should agree on security protocols, including notification and confirmation procedures for checking the accuracy of payment instructions sent by the employer to the payment processor. Access to the batch files and who may change or send theses files directing the processor how much to pay each employee must be closely monitored and limited by the employer.

The agreement should include adequate time to notify the processor of unauthorised transfers and clearly state who is liable for the risk of fraudulent or mistaken instructions. Debit cards have been criticised as a major avenue of money laundering. Indeed, once the card is loaded, it can be mailed along with the PIN to anyone in the world who will then have access to the funds. International employers should also be aware of screening requirements. Employees must be screened against the OFAC and other sanctions lists. At the end of the day, employers are ultimately responsible for paying their employees in a timely manner and pursuant to applicable law.

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As such, even if the funds sent by the employer to be processed and distributed to its employees are misappropriated or frozen — through no fault of the employer — the employer must still find a way to pay its employees. The issues potentially affecting employers utilising prepaid debit cards are complex. Yes, you can edit your personal profile, contact information and My Verizon sign-in details on the Settings page in My Verizon for Prepaid. Yes, you can change your My Verizon sign-in and security info on the Settings page. Your greeting name is what appears in the gray welcome bar at the top of My Verizon when you sign in.

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