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While we strive to use commercially reasonable means to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee absolute security. Bradly to pay printer fee for publishing notice of appointment. Betts, and with few exceptions, are not account. I am informed and believe that the Conditional Certificate was issued to him in in San Augustine County, but was never taken out of the office, nor the fee to the Board paid.

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I believe that for some time before his death it was understood between him and Cartwright that Cartwright was to take the Headright of Testator in half payment of said Cartwright's debt against him, but learned that the said understanding was never consummated, as Cartwright has renounced same by presenting his claim on his debt in full. I will take the necessary step to get an unconditional Certificate as I learn the law has been extended. Trouble and expense with cattle and hogs: paid McWestern for driving up cattle three days, and Daflin one day; paid J.

Betts for gathering cattle to be inventoried and gathering hogs for sale. Received in merchandise: account of Mr.

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  7. Hooper on litigated claim against Col. Shannon — three months rent Star House in Fall of Executrix states that Sam Brooks is indebted to decedent for 9 months rent of same house in year , but has no reason to hope that same will ever be collected. Hart Davis — aforesaid attorney's fees. She further states that the Court costs of administration are unpaid and that she sold to Wm.

    Simonton a meat hog not inventoried; Simson's note off set by cow, account due him; J. Betts, that at the request of executrix of Thos. Betts deceased, he sold at public auction at courthouse in town of Montgomery on 5 August , the fraction of a lot conveyed to decedent and him by R.

    Martin by deed dated 5 Sept , and the store house thereon built by decedent and him. Court orders a citation to be issued requiring John Daffan to appear at next term to show cause why a guardian should not be appointed of the estates of George and Sarah Daffan, minor children of Elizabeth Daffan; said minors are required to choose a guardian of their estate and of their persons.

    Administrator's bond and letters of administration granted, inasmuch as decedent did not leave a will. Oliver, E. Arnold, James M. Letters of administration granted and bond made, M. Dimon, P. Willis and Jas. Mitchell appointed as appraisers. Application of administrator to carry on farm with negroes belonging to estate or to rent the farm and hire out the negroes during This seems to be the same as that on page ; I have written the name of the minor as it was in the minutes — do not know which is correct.

    The Court orders the sale to proceed on the regular sale day in January next, , after 20 days' notice, at the courthouse door. Peter J. Willis is authorized to conduct sale on behalf of this executrix. Court adjudges that George Dean, a citizen of this County, is suitable and competent person and therefore he is appointed. George Dean is appointed guardian of Sarah Daffin, a minor under 14 years.

    Application of administrator for an order to hire out the negroes belonging to estate. Order given. All is duly verified by affidavit. Administrator makes application for an order to sell lands belonging to estate sufficient to pay the debts. Court orders the sale of sufficient land to pay debts- all or part of the following: A tract of acres, part of the League granted to Zachariah Landrum and conveyed to John T.

    This begins at the NW corner of the acre tract devised to Sarah Rankin by her father, said Zachariah Landrum: also to west corner of tract of same size devised by Z. Watkins by W. A tract of land sold by John Landrum to Edward B. Davis and by Davis to John T. Watkins, part of the Headright League of same tract devised by Z.

    Landrum to John Landrum, which constituted the homestead tracts of John T. Watkins — bounded on north by lands of W. Devereux; on south and west Administrator is directed to sell any or so much of said tracts as may be deemed advantageous to estate. It is sold on a credit of twelve months at public education to the highest bidder. Administrator states that since he was appointed , A. Memphill, agent of William Watkins, former administrator of said estate, has turned over to him a list of claims presented to him as agent of Wm.

    Watkins, 29 Apr. Administrator states that accounts presented and accepted since he has been acting are: 21 Nov. Administrator believes there is a claim held by James Stevens of Houston against estate, and accepted by Wm. Tract of land where I am now living, containing acres, being part of the League granted to Noah Griffith by the State of Coahuila and Texas as a colonist. Services

    Stock of cattle and hogs; mark and brand; 8 horses; crop of corn; farming utensils.