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Graph search was a good tool to do this. But now that it's partially gone, how can I search for people that are born in Country A who currently live in Country B? Rcardo Diaz Jasper. People who like this. By the way, you must also include a specific name of the person you are searching for.

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Facebook does not allow a blanket search of all the people from "Hometown" in "Current City". If you have multiple people to search for, you'll have to do it one at a time with each name. Facebook does allow refining your search with multiple conditions such as the one you described. You might have to use the desktop to see those features vs using mobile.

Log onto your Facebook account on desktop 2. Click on the Friends icon facebook-search If you already meet people regularly, like at work or school, the easiest path is to get to know them better. It might turn out you have things in common with them.

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Make a conscious effort to talk more to people you meet on a regular basis, and figure out if you have things in common using the methods in step 1. I always disliked small talk because it seemed to have no purpose. Only shallow people seemed to make small talk. When I was younger, I was interested in exercise and weight lifting so I spent a lot of time on a weight training forum.

I made several online friends there, and some, I met in real life.

How do I find people who went to my college at the same time I did?

That was 15 years ago, and today, online forums are several times more powerful with larger, more nieche communities and more opportunities. Reddit is powerful as it has uncountable sub-reddits for very specific interests. Then there are countless forums. On top of that, you have all the Facebook communities. Search for anything related to your interests, and be active in that community by posting and commenting. After a few weeks, people start recognizing your name.

The upside to this method is that you can make friends even if you feel uncomfortable meeting strangers at live meetups. The downside is that most of these friendships will stay online. Sometimes, there are opportunities to meet up live, too, like I did with that training forum. I had a hard time taking the app seriously at first, mainly because the name is so silly. I was surprised by how interesting people you can find on there!

Today, I have two good friends from that app that I hang out with on a regular basis. A heads up is that I live in NYC. This app might be less effective in smaller cities. In the next step, I talk about how to make friends in smaller cities. As an example, I love to have deep conversations and when I had just moved to that smaller city, I was starved on deep conversations.

I asked them to invite their friends, and the group grew. We met for 6 months or something like that. Pretty cool! I joined a friend to another meetup specifically for people with online businesses. That group was also weekly, and 3 of my best friends are from that group!

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He promoted his group on Facebook specifically for people who liked other online business pages in that city. You can target crazy-specific stuff on Facebook, like only women aged who live in the western parts of Kentucky who like Chihuahuas but not Bulldogs. When I was younger, one of my interests was making movies. I and some friends from school used to meet up and work on different film projects.

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My friends, in turn, involved other friends, and I got to know a lot of people through these projects. You can join something ongoing related to what your interests are. Here are some thoughts on how to find those projects:. The truth is that you can find like-minded literally everywhere as long as you make it a habit to get to know people on a more personal level, using the methods in step 1. For example this is a crazy story I made small talk with a cashier at Trader Joes last week a grocery store and it turns out we have loads of things in common.

The point is that every person you come across is an opportunity to make friends with.

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The more you work on projects the more you learn about yourself and how you can best add value to a team. Once you figure out yourself, or at least get an idea of it, the next step is to simply start conversations with people. Well, think about what types of people you want to work with. If you do not know, begin by just reaching out with general questions and narrow your way down. Reach out to the founders of those projects and companies and ask them questions.

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Provide them value. See how you can be of help. Follow people. DM them. Ask for 10 minutes to chat.

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  7. Lots of people approach conversations with the mentality of what can I get from this person. I believe that is the backwards way of thinking. Yours does too. I just see, time and time again, biz type people ask the wrong questions which immediately kills conversations. Tweet This. The key is to provide value. Rather, think what you can do for them! It is Use google, talk to friends, figure out exactly what your specific asks are.

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    Try to empathize with engineers. Be cognizant of that! You never know what your little project will turn into. Just go for it!